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Verity Larsen and Steve Everley at Versoft Consulting conference

Who We Are

We Help You Get The Full Value Of Your Technology Investment

Versoft Consulting was formed to help clients get the full value from their portfolio management and CRM software. The consultants at Versoft want to make sure that you are not just using the basic installation, but implementing best practices. This comes from updating, streamlining, and optimizing workflows and reporting so that your efficiency goes up, thereby empowering you to provide a higher level of service to your clients.

At Versoft we want to earn your business. We understand there are choices out there, and with our understanding of the investment management industry, the software, and the user base, we make sure you as the client get the most out of our services. After you have worked with Versoft we are sure you will contact us again for any future needs. Building trust with our clients is the most important goal for Versoft, like it is with you and your clients.

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