VaaS for Advent Axys Users

What is Vaas?

  • Processes flat files from Advent Axys into a SQL database and writes changes back to Axys based on queries.
  • Structured framework for automation capabilities and better organization of data.
  • Customizable rules engine to ensure data quality.
  • Centralized intranet portal to schedule, run and monitor automated data tasks and reports.
  • Supported by the Versoft Consulting team.
ADVENT AXYS converted to Versoft Consulting As A Service

Axys workflows available in VaaS

Portfolio Group Management Workflow
Portfolio Transactions Cleanup Workflow
Performance Files Maintenance Workflow
Pricing Data Maintenance Workflow
Security Information & .inf Files Workflow
Compliance Checklist workflow
Custom Reporting extracts for use with SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, & other tools.